Wednesday, July 6, 2011

its not so bad.

Things that made my day:

It was sunny and warm outside…in a word, GORGEOUS!

My car will be fixed tomorrow! Woot!

I saw a rowing team drive by on the highway. (not sure why i am so excited about that?)

Had a solid lactate** for the uphill double pole time trial.

Had a wonderful ski home from said double pole time trial.

My iPod battery warned me that it only had 20% battery left at the beginning of my ski.

2 hours later, it was still pumping out good tunes.

The best one: After finishing the time trial, Olympic Gold Medalist Anna Carin Olofsson came and patted me on the back, and said “Way to fight.”

its not so bad.

**Lactate is what your body builds up when you are pushing your body hard, essentially. That's the stuff that makes your legs feel like jell-o.

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