Sunday, February 28, 2010

Closing Ceremonies.

Tonight. Is the night. When ttwwoo become oonnnee.


Just kidding. There will be no Spice Girl singing here.


Tonight is the night of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, and I am quite distraught! I don’t want it to end! Watching these Olympics. Watching new medalists receive their medals. Watching the athletes do the things they love to do. It makes me want to be there so badly! All I can do is sit in envy, watching the athletes have the time of their lives, the experience of their lives. I think to myself, I want that. Right there.


Seeing the athletes there, it makes me realize that this dream I have, although to some might seem very out of reach, is achieve-able. Those athletes have made it. They put in the time, the effort. They got past the sweat and tears, and learned from the rewards and triumphs. They have learned that, with sport, comes agony and ecstasy. And look where they are now. Olympic athletes. The best title anyone could have….well, only one thing would be better.


Olympic Gold Medalist.