Saturday, January 29, 2011


Look at that field of snow. Completely untouched. Sun shining on it as if there was a hallelujah chorus hiding behind the bushes, waiting to jump out and hit that famous note at any minute. It’s just screaming to me “Please! Come jump and run and play!” But, alas, I skied on by. I didn’t know how far away the lodge was, and I didn’t want to risk getting chilled. You see, we were classic skiing up in Craftsbury for the day. It was beautiful. The air was warm, the sun was out, the snow was perfect, and the scenery was magnificent. You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to be outside. Even though the day had started out rough, the sunshine just melted all the troubles away.

“If I come along another field as good as that one,” I thought to myself, “I will not pass it up again. I’ll leave it at that.” No longer than 5 minutes later, a smaller, but equally perfect field emerged from around a corner. “Well, its fate!” I say to myself. I shuffled over to the side of the trail, took off my skis, and giggled. I walked to the side of the untouched, smooth, shiny blanket of snow. And, without wasting another minute, did a front flip through the air, landing on my back in a completely perfect cushion of powder. I was laughing. Hard. I stood up, and, flung myself through the air again. “Boy, anyone watching me right now must think I am a nut.” I thought. “But, I really don’t care!” For a good five minutes or so, I frolicked through this field, jumping, falling, flipping, laughing. This is what living is all about. Moments like this.